Thursday, February 21, 2013

"How did it get so late so soon?...."

"And you've been so busy lately that you haven't found the time
To open up your mind
And watch the world spinning gently out of time
Feel the sunshine on your face
It's on a computer now
Gone to the future way out in space "  -Out of Time, Blur

     One of the most beautiful aspects of childhood is having no sense of time. No clocks, watches, cell phones. computers or cars with digital reminders. We had enough time to stare up at the clouds and visualize a hundred changing forms. We had time to pour over picture books or examine the sharpness of a vividly green blade of grass. We had time to paint rainbows in the sky and toss gold tinged autumn leaves in the air. We had time to be silly and invent crazy songs, belly laugh and jump from cushion to cushion without falling in the lava. There was enough time to explore the world around us and savor the sunshine or glittering snowflakes of each new morning.  We never envisioned scampering off to work or business meetings, surrounding ourselves with technological gadgets or trying to fill up every silent pause with a thousand words.

     Our minds create the illusion that we haven't got enough time. In reality we know what we must do. You know more than any one  your priorities in life. To say, "I haven't got the time" is being dishonest with ourselves and others. We all want more time to do the things we love. What our inner dialogue should  be telling us is the honest truth, " this task, person, project is not a priority". We commit our time to people and activities that leave us unfulfilled or dissatisfied. Being with or doing something strictly out of obligation or need to appear important, social or charitable becomes draining. We've all had friends or relationships that emotionally drain us of our energy. Are you attending that dinner party or going on that blind date because you really love the Jone's or Ted's company or because you can't say no or want to appear "kind"?   If you have ever thought to yourself, " Why am I here or with this person when I could be doing.."?  You are not present. You are annoyed. Irritated. Off balance. You begin to see where and why you are giving your precious valuable time away. Would you open your wallet and  empty all your credit cards and cash on the street ? Would you allow strangers to get in your car and drive it away?  It's not selfish to demand your time back. It is more selfish to pretend or mislead people. Use your time wisely and creatively to give back to others and the world. Awareness and intent make all the difference.