Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Every question leads to new answers."

"How did we let an ideological resistance to inquiry become such a prominent part of our society?"- Bill Nye, Scientist, American Science Educator, from Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

          Bill Nye released his new book "Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World"(St.Martin's Press, November 10th, 2015) to audiences of all ages as enthusiastic and passionate about facts and discovery as Nye himself. Everyone should own this book. As prolific author, educator, comedian, former science show host and mechanical engineer, Nye commands information and insight with exceptional qualifications to address the most critical issue we face as human beings- climate change.

        Given the overwhelming scientific evidence for global warming denying facts is not only incomprehensible but irresponsible. Climate change impacts every aspect of our lives from growing crops to healthy water supplies. We cannot sustain life on earth without these resources. As one of the worlds most technologically advanced countries we need to be a leader in environmental change and awareness. In order to design ways to reduce the damage we've inflicted on the earth and other animal species we must have activists, scientists, engineers and especially young aspiring students who think creatively without limits. All of us have a responsibility to save our planet. What could possibly be more important? Unstoppable stresses that politicians need to address the concerns of millennial voters because maintaining or establishing crucial environmental protection laws depend upon who they elect. Once again, it's their future at risk. Our survival depends upon our ability to exchange information, contemplate, explore and test new ideas. If we truly wanted what's best for our planet, our country and our children we have to stress freedom of expression and critical thinking. Now is the time to act.