Saturday, June 21, 2014

"If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces."

Wake, butterfly -
It's late, we've miles
To go together.
- Basho

     Many of our lessons in resilience are learned simply by being alive as members of the human race.  Resilience is pushing through our own painful gauntlet, emerging stronger and slightly more irrepressible on the other side. Have you been injured in an accident? Do you have  children? Have you struggled with divorce? Have you experienced war or combat? Did the death of a loved one have a devastating affect on your childhood? Have you been the victim of neglect or violence? The list of circumstances is endless. Opportunities to build our strength and  continue to grow on our journey are presented to us every moment.  With patience, we may gain the personal insight and courage needed to develop our true wisdom and sustain our resilience.

     * Recognize that you have a choice. Remaining emotionally paralyzed versus learning how to overcome your fear is a choice.

     * Accept change. Change is a natural part of the universe. It is happening all around us and within us at all times. When we constantly struggle against change, mentally, we will do more harm than good. Do we surrender to ghosts of the past and fear an unpredictable future? We hopelessly joust an invisible force that doesn't exist right now

     * Let go of anger. Let go of any emotion that will fester and cause you shame, guilt, frustration or resentment. Learn to understand yourself and cultivate self-awareness. Show others compassion but most importantly show yourself compassion.

     *Learn to laugh. Put life and negative situations into perspective. Pessimism and negativity stem from our inability to poke fun at ourselves. Self-righteous people rarely laugh at themselves. Satire, parody and a healthy sense of humor comes from an appreciation and understanding of the beauty and absurdity of life. 

    * Develop a sense of meaning by forming deeper connections with strangers, loved ones, animals, organizations of interest to you and especially by your own personal expression of culture, music and art. Remind yourself  daily you are a unique and beautiful soul whom like the once frail, confined caterpillar has been steadily emerging with stunning grace and gratitude from the struggle.

“If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces."
Blueprint for a Breakthrough
― Shane Koyczan