Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"shiny, happy people holding hands..."

  “All suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their own happiness or satisfaction”
― Tenzin Gyatso  Dalai Lama XIV

      Slowly, the curtain is drawn back on our world stage. Now, the spotlight shines on a once obscure, isolated country shrouded from the West.  If ascribed human attributes North Korea is the anti-social angst ridden reclusive teenager, "Shiny, Happy People" its mocking anthem. We anticipate, speculate, and prepare for the next impetuous act. Here are a few factoids I found interesting about North Korea. Factoids unlike Altoids are not always tasty or refreshing.

 According to Mental an estimated 1.1 million North Korean males are on active duty military status, making North Korea the fourth-largest army in the world. Its reserve force of 8 million is the world’s largest.

 Kim Jong-Il  had  thirty-two different lavish residences, beach houses, mansions, mountaintop palaces. When Kim Jong-Il came to power, the ceremonies honoring him and his father came to over $2.68 billion dollars. That's a lot of won.

 In 1978, Kim Jong-il reportedly ordered the kidnapping of celebrated South Korean film-maker Shin Sang-ok and his actor wife Choi Eun-hee so that they could make a socialist version of Godzilla, his all-time favourite film. To put this in perspective imagine President Obama sending top secret agents to nab Christopher Nolan , holding him hostage at the White House until he produces the Batman.

 According to a New York Times report an analyst from the Center for Strategic and International Studies says the abrasive actions of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are part of a game plan set by his faja. Dr. Evil and Scotty-don't.  Another inheritance for Kim-Jong-un , strategic mind control games, pillaging, plundering and mass murder of his own people. Couldn't they have just shared a beer like Rusty and Clark Griswold?
Look out Austin, Texas. Apparently, Kim Jong-un has an issue with hipster culture and indie music?
 North Korea supposedly has a  99% literacy rate. Factoid truth. Kim-Jong-un requires all his literally starving artists to write his delusional scripts and screenplays.  The North Korean people have endured enough Godzilla , Denis Rodman, glitter unicorns and "happily ever-after".  Rainbows.  
The following is stated on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea website:  Under Foreign Relations
"At the same time it makes every effort in unity with all the peace-loving peoples of the world to frustrate the aggression, interference and disturbance of imperialists, reduce armaments, nuclear armaments in particular, thereby meeting the desire of human beings to live in a world, free from nuclear weapons, and to safeguard peace and security in Asia and the rest of the world.".  ..     and scene.