Sunday, August 28, 2016

"We empower each other."

                       Sexism is real. Sexism is global. The fight against it should be too.

                      Co-founded in 2004 by thousands of activists and humanitarian, musician and U2 front man Bono, the ONE Campaign is a nonpartisan, nonprofit international advocacy organization striving to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases with economic justice and equality. As part of a world leaders initiative millions of men and women launched the "Poverty is Sexist" action plan educating global citizens of the well researched and documented relationship between equal opportunities for women and extreme poverty. Did you know half a billion girls and women are unable to read? 62 million girls are denied the right to education. Did you know there are over 155 countries that have laws discriminating against women?
         "Poverty is Sexist "encourages all world leaders to create and support policies which provide educational and economic empowerment including equal representation in governments. Did you know in many countries women are still denied the right to own a business or property? Many women and girls are denied the right to decide when to give birth or whether they marry. Fighting hunger and disease is a daily reality for many girls. Did you know 40% of African women are anemic due to malnutrition which results in 20% of maternal deaths? 74% of new HIV infections in Africa are female adolescents.

      Making headlines this week Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  an outspoken feminist and  women's rights advocate responded to the campaign with an insightful, inspiring letter. A copy of Justin Trudeau's intuitive feedback to those of us who requested world leaders support through  ONE can be viewed in its entirety here: