Sunday, August 7, 2016

"That is our home."

"The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water and continents are interconnected.
 That is our home."- David Suzuki, scientist, environmental activist

                 Established in 2012, GLOBAL CITIZEN has initiated over six million petitions, emails, phone calls and social media posts moving closer to the goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030. A global community of  advocates continues to put pressure on world leaders emphasizing efforts for policy change and financial responsibility. Hunger and poverty is reality for millions of children and families. In fact, GLOBAL CITIZEN  utilizes a combination of grassroots organizing and major action events affecting over 600 million lives with more than 25 billion dollars committed towards improvements in health, education, our environment and challenges facing women and girls worldwide.
                The 2016 GLOBAL CITIZEN Festival will take place on September 24th in NYC's Central Park. (See video above for performers.) The festival raises awareness and promotes activism. By doing something we already love we have the opportunity to benefit the lives of others. For more information regarding the 2016 GLOBAL CITIZEN Festival check out the following link

               GLOBAL CITIZEN headquarters are located in New York City with offices in CANADA, the United Kingdom and Australia. How do small actions make a huge impact?  Find out how to get involved at GLOBAL CITIZEN