Thursday, October 2, 2014

"You can't buy love but you can rescue it."

“An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.”- Martin Buber     

     October is Adopt-A- Shelter-Dog Month.  After reading stories and speaking with pet lovers worldwide we conclude sharing our lives with a special animal enables us to reflect on our own happiness. Dogs seem to awaken our sense of joy every single day. They make us laugh. They make us smile. They make us weep They make us grateful. They avert our hearts and minds to the moment. They are loyal, trusting, honest and true. When we lose them we feel intense grief. And just as we cherish our human relationships we rarely regret the short time span loving our four-legged best friends. There is a deep loving bond uniting dog and owner that is only understood by living the experience rather than simply describing it. Once, just once, every human being should own a dog. Owners envision dogs as every thing from wild adventure buddies, skilled trackers, playful protectors, savvy show dogs, furry friends, children with paws or cuddly couch mates. Dogs are more than mere pets. Dogs are family. Planning to adopt your companion from a rescue or animal shelter?  You're saving a life- not just theirs but many times our own. Studies have shown pet owners are healthier and less prone to heart disease and depression than those without pets.
      Now more than ever dogs in shelters across the country need your help to survive. Over population is a serious issue in the US. Over three million perfectly healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every year. Due to overcrowding, animals in high kill shelters may have as little as a week to live before being put to death. There are simply too many dogs surrendered by families or rescued from hoarders or puppy mills to house or save. Shelters lack resources and tragically, euthanization has become the only humane way to control pet population.
     If adopting a pet isn't an option right now, use social media to get the word out about a local shelter or your favorite rescue. Utilize your own blog or website to include information. Post photo's of adoptable dogs. Organize a spay - neuter awareness campaign. Foster a pet until they find their fur-ever home. Donate money, supplies or volunteer. Better yet, ask your local shelters what they need most. Look into the eyes of any animal who has been rescued. Dogs understand love. Do we?