Tuesday, November 3, 2015

" Through the dark."

"Sometimes they just get caught in the eye
   You're pulling him through."-  Elliott Smith, Needle in the Hay

              Ask the average American to describe a drug addict and you're likely to hear," dirty, toothless vagrant who wanders the streets begging for spare change." It's this kind of disturbingly uninformed impression that's contributing to a massive crisis in our country right now that typcially begins with legally prescribed pain killers. The state of Ohio doesn't have a heroin "problem". Ohio has a heroin epidemic.

          Recently featured on national news program 60 Minutes, "Heroin in the Heartland" is an honest, straight forward portrayal of young high school and college aged heroin users. When a child or adult becomes addicted to such a deadly substance it's more than family being affected. Entire communities in Northeast Ohio are devastated with most lacking the resources necessary to deal with an unrelenting disease.

    A video previously available on YouTube.com has been removed but you can watch "Heroin in the Heartland" in its entirety at this link to CBS news, 60 Minutes.