Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Remember Your Power."


         The right to vote in the United States is one of the most fundamental rights we have guaranteed by our Constitution. Those eligible to vote should have every barrier removed in order for their voice to be heard and ballot counted. Making headlines once again are court judges striking down unjustified restrictions imposed based on state government leadership, district or skin color.

                   North Carolina


            Check your state. Voting should be free, fair and accessible. How quickly and easily will you access a place to vote? Will you have to wait in line for an extended time? Are there enough hours and provisions (special needs parking etc) available?  What are the requirements and deadlines? Voter registration information can be found here:

            Need to register? Make it entertaining and informative by checking out
            Rock the Vote  
Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has assisted more first time voters than any other organization since its inception in 1990. The website helps to register visitors as well as answer ballot, candidate and legislative questions. (photo above is author, comedian, actor and Vote Rocker, Chelsea Handler)
                     Voter registration information is also available at
                                                  TURN UP THE VOTE

        State legislatures may be needlessly constructing limitations on citizens voting rights with over 30 states adding roadblocks to the polls.  In person voter fraud has been proven to be almost non-existent even though it is often cited as a reason for additional restrictions. Information regarding voter fraud  and voter suppression can be accessed here:


Brennan Center for Justice