Monday, February 9, 2015

"And the songs of every poet past and forever."

"Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along." ~Rumi

          As Valentine's Day approaches many of us think about who, what and why we love. We may reflect on what it means to "fall in love", be "head over heels" or "love struck". Is it lust or love? Is it an infatuation or a crush? Is true love holding on forever or letting someone go?  Each one of us has or will have a "first love". Some of us have married our first loves. Some of us will never speak to our first loves again and others may be quietly pining away in hopes of one day reuniting. If you have a heart it has been broken, it will likely be broken again, it will bleed and it will beat wildly at the sight of your affections. We may have a soft heart or a hard heart but all hearts keep us breathing and alive, and as long as we are alive we are capable of loving again and again or always.

    The poem below was penned many years ago for my "first love". Even if your heart has been broken, the experience of  loving and being in love is profound. When our relationships end we swear will never love someone again, but we do. This is the power of love.  Despite the many infatuations, crushes and heartaches to come, he was the first. Like photographs in our mind, each person we have loved is part of our story and leaves a beautiful imprint on our hearts.

Radiation Man 

by Lisa More

To my curious artist, who contemplates
angles with a discriminating eye
Brushing the canvas, he colors rainbows
ashen and black
Drowning in azure blue, I know the
angelic pout of a sensitive soul.
"What?" " When?" "Why?", he asks.
Looking up from the Gita, softly
I whisper "Namaste", smile and continue to read.
How can I explain the unknown?
Spiraling around our hearts
the universe.
Yin and Yang melt in embrace.
Each blink of an eye photographs a memory
captured in the mind.
Weaving his pictures
they are dark and obscure like Lynch
He is sand lured by the waves of the sea
and what he sees is illusion.


A special Happy Birthday to my nephew, Jared. Love you.