Saturday, February 27, 2016

" We cannot tolerate obstruction "

"Waiting periods, counseling, ultrasounds, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, sonogram storytelling—all of these legislative moves are invasive, insulting, and condescending because they are deeply misguided attempts to pressure women into changing their minds, to pressure women into not terminating their pregnancies, as if women are so easily swayed that such petty and cruel stall tactics will work. These politicians do not understand that once a woman has made up her mind about terminating a pregnancy, very little will sway her. It is not a decision taken lightly, and if a woman does take the decision lightly, that is her right. A woman should always have the right to choose what she does with her body. It is frustrating that this needs to be said, repeatedly. On the scale of relevance, public approval or disapproval of a woman's choices should not merit measure.” ― Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist

              The United States Supreme Court has made it perfectly clear that a safe medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy or abortion is a Constitutional right for women in America. So why do some state lawmakers continue to impose unnecessary and burdensome restrictions or TRAP laws for doctors and medical clinics? (Almost 300 restrictions have been written since 2010)  What is a TRAP law?  TRAP is an abbreviation for "Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers" which is forcing the closure of  healthcare clinics across the country with deceptive guidelines. Men and women need to be aware of TRAP laws because they effect all of us. TRAP laws obstruct the Constitutional rights of women-  mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts-all women to safely access legal medical procedures. Ensuring a woman's right to her own body and reproductive health is ultimately what's at stake.

         On March 2nd, the US Supreme Court will hear the case of Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt. Because abortion is a legal Constitutional right politicians in Washington DC cannot be permitted to impose laws which make receiving medical care an undue burden in the states they represent. If legislatures continue this burdensome assault on women they should be VOTED OUT. Anti-choice politicians in Texas have proposed and passed laws such as HB-2 which will effect the dignity and autonomy of over 5.4 million women of reproductive age leaving just ten clinics available. Ten clinics for more than 5 million women in s state with 27 million Americans. Does this sound like lawmakers who care about the health and welfare of women and families?

   Courtesy of & Last Week Tonight with John Oliver above are two equally important videos containing more information about TRAP laws and the upcoming US Supreme Court case.