Sunday, March 17, 2013

"A Night to Remember?....."

High School Musical gave me unrealistic expectations that I would get asked to prom and we'd be dancing on the roof of our school in the rain. -Author unknown

      Across the country teenagers are hyper aroused planning for their junior and senior proms. What makes this event so exciting? Is it the glittering daydreams of first love and romance? The ever anticipated first kiss?  Do we imagine ourselves Cinderella on the arm of our Prince Charming?  In your mind did you secretly choreograph perfectly timed dance moves like steely blue-eyed Zac Ephron or lovely Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical?  Were you the timid wallflower stranded in the corner after your date abandoned you? Were you heart broken watching your crush dance the night away with your high school nemesis? Parents invest in rented tuxedo's, shimmering ball gowns and chauffeured carriages to contribute to a beautiful illusion.  No one wants to be disappointed. Add dinner money, corsages, hair and make up expenses, photography and this singular magical evening produces a hefty price tag. Parents may be hopeful their child is as creative as Molly Ringwald in the movie "Pretty in Pink" sewing her own dress, driving herself to the forum and even having the gumption to arrive solo. Usually, this is not the case. Most parents are more than willing to contribute to their child's memories as their little loves are growing up before their eyes. The moment must be captured. Seeing photo's of my nephew in his prom tux made me tear up so I can only imagine what his parents felt. Is someone chopping onions? Traditionally, prom is supposed be a night to remember. Teenagers put a lot of pressure on themselves to make it a perfect evening. It's kind of like a preview of future wedding preparations.Wait, what?(Oh, the horror!)  My high school friends believed we were too artistic and cool for such lame uncouth antics.(although most of us were card carrying band geeks) We may have helped paint the decorations, created tissue paper flowers or chose the cheesy theme song but actually attend? Seriously? We intentionally voted for the least popular court members as senior prom" King' and 'Queen" and ensured our DJ played at least one Cure song to honor our absence.
     Expectations can and do leave us disappointed sometimes. Hopefully, you make the best of it. Prom is a time to be with friends, have fun, laugh and create treasured memories you will hold for a life time. So  whether you are a teenager or parent enjoy the moment. Remind yourself of what the evening is really all about; a celebration of youth, a rite of passage into adulthood. And remember to dance.... just dance.