Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"We are far from done..."

"When you've worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back and give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed."-  Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States of America


       "Gender equality is your issue too." states British actress, Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. In her now highly praised speech in the video.above form 2014, Watson refers to "all of us"- men and women. Anyone who believes in equality for men and women is a "feminist". The negative connotations associated with the "word" are harmful because equality as a women's movement is far from over and encompasses much more than  mere words and labels. Women and men of all ages in the United States who suffer under the delusion that women and men are treated equally are denying reality. The failure to admit and recognize that Americans still have a long and painful journey to travel together is threatening our democracy. Inflexible, self-righteous rhetoric destroys human rights and our ability to make informed choices. When we become so uncompromising and so indignant we can't tolerate anyone else's opinion but our own, we lose our ability to act as human beings or continue to see others as human. Our lack of compassion prevents us from feeling or trying to understand  what others are feeling. Our lack of empathy is passed down to our children and a cycle of hatred, bigotry and misogyny continues. We are allowing our humanity to be eroded by problems we are creating for each other.  If we consider ourselves leaders in human and civil rights protections we must realize other countries in the world look to us for guidance.

      On February 8th's Kelly File, FOX News corespondent Megyn Kelly stated:
 "This is where the feminist movement goes wrong. What does pro-choice or anti-abortion, or whatever, have to be a part of the feminist platform? Do you know how alienating that is?"

    Really? It's alienating for every woman to want autonomy over her own body? It's alienating to want to make your own choices and plan your career or family? It's alienating to want to be financially able to take care of your own health or the health or your child? It's alienating to want economic security and not watch your children starve or die?  At a time in this country when women are still fighting to keep their reproductive rights and the majority of women around the world have no rights to their own body, are dying from child birth or unsafe medical treatments that's a damn arrogant and irresponsible judgment for Megyn Kelly or anyone else to make. So unless the majority of  Americans believe that women and girls should be uneducated, misinformed baby makers who keep their mouths and legs shut then I'm sorry Ms. Kelly,  choice has EVERYTHING to do with the feminist platform.