Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones...."

“Music is what I have to do, I only answer the questions so that I can do it.”
― Jack White (The White Stripes)

     iTunes Store Top 10 Alternative Songs  (US) Radioactive by Imagine Dragons was originally released in December of 2012 but continues to rise in popularity from inside the United States to outside including the UK and Australia. This week the acclaimed anthem captured the number one downloaded song position on Apple iTunes.
     Imagine Dragons debut album Night Visions is where you can absorb Radioactive which like the song itself is filtered through a passionate revolutionary perspective. All music is left up to your own interpretation. As far as the true lyrical meaning some critics and fans argue it's about Wall Street, greedy corporations, a crumbling society or even an end of the world nuclear holocaust scenario. The video for Radioactive features talented Hollywood actor Lou Diamond Phillips and a few underestimated cute n' cuddly furry fighters.

1. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons            
2. Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

3. Still Into You-Paramore
4. Summertime Sadness-  Lana Del Rey


6. My Songs Know What You Did In
    the Dark (Light 'Em Up)-Fall Out Boy

7. Demons- Imagine Dragons

8. Sweater Weather- the Neighbourhood

9. Pompeii- Bastille

10. The is Gospel- Panic! At the Disco

Happy Birthday to Jack O. August 23rd!