Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Eight is not enough."

            The American Bar Association  provided judge Merrick Garland its highest rating. Garland was effortlessly confirmed by a bipartisan vote for the Circuit Court. On March 16th, following the death of  Antonin Scalia, February 13th 2016,  President Obama nominated Merrick Garland which under our Constitution is customary as well as necessary when a Supreme Court seat is vacated for any reason. Despite an impressive record and impeccable credentials only a few Republican lawmakers have even agreed to meet Merrick Garland. let alone consider confirming him as the ninth US Supreme Court justice. 

 Why do we need nine?  Without nine justices our Supreme Court is operating at a diminished capacity. Important determinations will have to be made in upcoming Supreme Court cases this week. All United States citizens have continuously updated information available to them at 

Get the facts at WE NEED NINE. ORG   

         Contact your elected officials and tell them #DO YOUR JOB. The historically unprecedented obstruction by Republican lawmakers is preventing our country from moving forward and keeping pace with the rest of the developed world..  Regardless of your party affiliation this act of obstruction effects all Americans and generations of Americans to come.

   Those lawmakers who are intentionally harming the lives of American voters and the progress of our country should be voted out.   

Video of Minnesota Senator Al Franken courtesy of YouTube