Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Roads go ever ever on, under cloud and under star."

"I'm the frosting on America's cake, and tonight I'm willing to let you lick the bowl."- Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report.
       Legendary Late Show host David Letterman will welcome his successor, Stephen Colbert as guest on the show airing Tuesday April 22nd 11:30 pm EST on CBS. Colbert was chosen to captain the Late Show beginning in 2015 after Letterman announced his retirement last week. Colbert lovingly describes his admiration for Letterman in the video clip above recounting staying up late and absorbing more knowledge from watching Letterman's show than attending class. He was learning his craft from a master and Colbert became one hell of a disciple.

     The 1.9 million members of the Colbert Nation who pledge their allegiance four nights a week to the Colbert Report would have absolutely no difficulty providing the uninitiated "Top Ten Reasons to Adore Stephen Colbert." It's a bittersweet announcement for those who must choose their time and entertainment programs wisely, where the other thirty minutes is typically devoted to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Speaking of learning more from parody and satire than coursework, a few years ago Pew Research Center discovered that more than 50% of voters aged 18-25 receive the majority of their understanding of our government and current events from the Colbert Report and The Daily Show. Viewers of all ages have been schooled in the complexity of Super-PACS,  their elected officials with Better Know a District,  womens and gay rights issues, the wonders of the universe with Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson and introduced to progressive thinkers and leaders like author and CEO of the Mission Continues, Eric Greitens.

      Those of us who love Colbert the actor/comedian have observed his inevitable emergence from  Strangers with Candy's,  Flatpoint High School history teacher Chuck Noblet and one half of dueling Daily Show corespondents, Even Stephven. We have poured over the literary masterpieces, I Am America ( and So Can You), America Again, I Am a Pole and So Can You and hell we even relish Tek Jansen.  After truly enjoying the incredible talent and amazing intellect of Colbert's rise and reign for over ten years his loyal fans already know like any great Hobbit, new adventures await and there is nothing he can't do.

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Chuck.