Sunday, February 24, 2013

" and lights, camera,....action!"

“I have a star on Hollywood Blvd. It glows in the dark and I stuck it there myself.”
Jarod Kintz, $3.33

      Roll out the red carpet for Oscar regalia. Tonight,  Hollywood pays homage to the finest cash cows and golden geese. The pop culture paparazzi is more hyped up than a hamster on bath salts. What is the fascination with the trivialities of gowns, hair, make up and jewels? What is she wearing? Who is he wearing? Wasn't that last seasons color?  How long has it been since she had a meal? No matter how avant-garde or radical you proclaim to be few among us have never indulged in imagining ourselves a movie star. Admit it. Talking into your hairbrush in front of  the bathroom mirror you perfected your Academy award acceptance speech as a teenager..."most importantly I'd like to thank my family whose undying love, support and belief in pursuing my dreams was so paramount to my success... and to my husband Johnny Depp . Darling. This is for you.. ."
The media will almost always focus their attention on idolized charismatic film actors and actresses. We toss out a lot of dollar bills to be entertained and studios love to pimp the hot and famous.(i.e "Magic Mike")

    After all, it's called "show business" for a reason. It is a business. Let us not forget there are hundreds if not thousands of supporting artists and technicians behind the scenes bringing imagination to life. These production contributors are the excited folks ushered off the stage by orchestra cue during their Oscar speech or partially glimpsed before the TV station interrupts for commercial break. Take a bow. Get off the stage. We want Ben Affleck. Think of the sound engineers, costume designers, script writers, researchers, choreographers, musicians, special effects teams and casting directors whose names flash almost anonymously after the movie ends. This is when theater enthusiasts are gathering their empty cheese nachos containers and popcorn bags from the floor and filing out exits. If you watched a movie at home film credits are the time you wake up your sleeping spouse from the couch and head off to bed. Perhaps we unconsciously want to be naive about the entire grueling process of film making. It completely spoils our enchantment watching behind the scenes footage of actors digitally enhanced, computer manipulated or ferociously fighting in front of blank green screens. We appreciate the illusion. It's like finding out there's no Santa Claus or your Aunt Holly was a stripper at a biker bar. We don't want to know. If you really took the time to break down all the effort and intricate details hidden in film making you would be fascinated and amazed. But would you soak up the story in the same way? Would you lose some of the enjoyment? Is that why Hollywood tries to hide all the grips, vocal coaches, visual effect and make up artists from Oscar night? We love movies. Some films educate, enlighten or simply entertain. Films are a ninety minute mini adventure and escape from our ordinary world. If I had my way, I'd be thanking each and every screenwriter, graphic artist and technician involved in those mysterious magical journeys. Roll credits.

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