Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"and I'm thumbin' my way to North Caroline......"

"Sister Bear:  To make a wish upon a star is okay for a start, but if you want it to come true, you may have to do your part."-The Berenstain Bears-"Homework Hassle" ( a children's story book about the trials and tribulations of mathematics )

A Letter to My Beautiful Niece on Her Birthday,.March, 14th

Happy Birthday. Happy Every Day.
Happily Ever after

Dear Soul Child,

          The night you were born I woke up from a dream startled. Startled in a good positive way. Alert. As I sat up in bed, intuitively, minutes before the phone rang something told me you had "arrived". Moments later I heard your Grandpa Louie congratulate your father.  Your Mom, Aunt Laurie and me have a psychic "connection". We call, write or text each other with synchronicity.  Your great grandmother Bradford used to tell me stories about how she shared the same connection with my Mom. Your grandmother Glenda would have loved and adored you too. There is so much to love. You were a gorgeous child who has grown into a beautiful young woman before my eyes. So the women of our family pass the special kismet genetics on to you. We certainly didn't intend for you to inherit our math skills. My apologies. Then again that seems trivial when you consider all the gifts you do possess. Your Mom and Dad have done the most outstanding job of raising you and Drew. As far as parents go, you won the lottery, the Powerball and the Golden Ticket to the Wonka Factory with them. They love you so much. They love you enough to do whatever it takes so you believe and live your dreams. However, YOU have made the most of your talents as well. You have always been a lover of language and books, a skilled communicator, dancer, singer, musician You have always been gentle, open-minded and kindhearted. You're not selfish or conceited in any way. You do your own thing. You are strong willed yet still believe in fairy tale endings. You have the intelligence and the charisma to succeed in any endeavor you choose. The field you have chosen is perfect for your personality. When I think of all the possibilities for your future I get excited for you! You inspire me.You are a thousand times more extroverted which is a wonderful quality in public relations. So, I will always love you. I don't care if Kasey is never my brother-in-law. I don't care if you never get married or have children. I want you to be happy with the choices you make. Live your life. This is my long distance hug and kiss, my beautiful girl. Happy Birthday. I love you Love you! Or the text version "i luv u".(but NEVER while you drive). Love you.


  1. I love you! This is the best birthday gift anyone could ever give me. I knew I would cry but it's only happy tears! You give me the courage to purse the wonderful plans I have for my life. Thank you for loving me and always being there for me! I love you more than words can describe! Thank you!