Monday, March 25, 2013

"Music and Living.-- The same thing." said Pooh.."

" To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day."            -Lao-tse

     Until recently I had never heard of BOLT testing. Charles J. Clarke III is the creator of the BOLT System. If it sounds similar to other personality tests or psychological indicators such as the Keirsey Temperament or Myers-Briggs then you'd be some what accurate. The BOLT system was introduced in 1968 and used by businesses wanting to clarify and examine interactions with consumers or buying public. The BOLT System claims it is designed and based on "decades of scientific research". It has been utilized in customer service, sales, designing advertising, generating leads, and negotiating. The insights can also be used for managing coworkers or for getting along with cranky relatives.
     BOLT stands for Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers.  Each animal represents the four specific personality types. Every person you will ever encounter in your life is one of the four. Charles Clarke taught how to identify which animal type a person is, and how to speak their language in the way that’s most persuasive to them. It can also be useful in other areas of life such as dating, instructing children and especially ridiculing people."We always knew Uncle Joe was full of Bull$*#t. Now, thanks to Chuck Clarke we have scientific proof."

 Are you a Bull?

  • Bottom Line, Get To The Point
  • Seeks To Control The Negotiation

  • Are you an Owl?

  • Very Analytical, Detail Oriented Researcher
  • Seeks Logical Order

  • Are you a Lamb?

  • Seeks To Please People, Avoids Conflict
  • Takes Forever To Make Up Their Mind

  • Are you a Tiger?

  • Very Expressive and Fun-Loving
  • Impulsive and Excitable

  • The entire BOLT animal personality concept seems vague, comically general, nonsensical and oddly simplistic. But these concepts are widely known and touted by sales professionals across the country.  You can be a combination of Owl and Lamb or Tiger mixed with Bull with a dash of Lamb etc.. not specifically all Bull, Owl, Lamb or Tiger. "Liger" a Lamb and a Tiger.  If I must be psychologically classified  by animal then this is preferable:

    "While Eeyore frets ...
    ... and Piglet hesitates
    ... and Rabbit calculates
    ... and Owl pontificates
    ...Pooh just is."
    The Tao of Pooh-Benjamin Hoff

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