Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"the night time is the right time...."

"Sleep is for the weak."-Dustin Gallup, (step-brother)  U.S Marine Corps Veteran

     There are only twenty-four hours in a day to accomplish all you want to accomplish. The reason this blog is titled Midnight Mindquake is because like thirty-five percent of the US population my brain functions best in the evening hours. However, when you stay awake until 2am creating and earning money doing what you love but get up at 5am for the day job, you're going to suffer for your art. You will suffer with me by reading this.  Did you know thirty-five percent was a random statistic? Only twenty-two percent of the US population will verify the information they read online. Did I just make that up too? You will have to find out on your own. The number of ambitious, highly productive" night owls" may never be known. We are too exhausted acclimating our inner time clocks to the "early bird" world to actually research or fact check this claim. "Early birds" take my worms. I need a nap. Some where there is a night crawler. Here are the top ten signs you are suffering from temporary sleep deprivation.This top ten list was discovered online so it may or may not be true. At this moment I am too tired to care.
  #3 Poor memory
  #8 Poor memory
  #5 Inability to concentrate.
Here are the top ten signs you are suffering from temporary sleep deprivation.
10.  Increased Appetite- (box of Cheddar Jack Cheeze-Its on nightstand-check)
  9. Vision problems- (typing with eyes closed is difficult but not impossible)
  8. Poor memory- Where have I read that before?
  7. Poor decision making- This occurs even when well rested.
  6. Dimin$hed motorrr skilllllzzzzzzzzz
  5. Relationship troubles (see poor decision making above)
  4.Medical problems- Sleep is for the weak.
  3.Mood swings-(?)  from Perry Como to comatose is not a swing.
  2.Inability to handle stress-Maybe if you're a high strung Type A Personality. If you're
     temporarily Type C  (as in Como) you'll be fine.
  1. Inability to concentrate.... 12:06am. Who can sleep now? My day is just beginning!

 Extended wakefulness is unhealthy and if prolonged can have serious cognitive and physical consequences. So although we like to think we can train our brains to function with less rest it's not the case. We need our deep REM zzzzz's to regenerate and restore healthy brain cell tissue. Temporary deprivation can be tolerated but ultimately our immune system warns our body, "Go to sleep or I will put you to sleep". Tonight, I will listen.

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