Tuesday, June 4, 2013

..."great dog or THE greatest dog ?..."

"All dogs are Zen Masters. They teach us awareness. They teach us the only moment is now."

        Life Lessons from My Little Buddha was a tribute article I wrote to my dog Maddie (or unofficially Maddie Mooshie Diamond Lotus Buddha). Maddie passed away from an inherited blood disease one year ago this month. She was just shy of her twelfth birthday. Although I love dogs and  consider my self an animal advocate , I have yet to completely mourn the loss of my "Little Buddha". When the time is right I will  be able to adopt another dog. There is an affinity I have with the cocker spaniel breed. In my experience most cockers are happy, goofy, soft, snuggly and sweet little cuddle bunnies. Cockers always want to be by your side. They shadow you from room to room, swirling at your feet like the great train of a wedding dress. A spaniels gentle expression and large soulful eyes melt my heart. I love all dogs and even have a habit of saying it aloud. My sister-in-law's pup, Parker  is told daily and my sister Laurie's dog, Dash  gets a "hello" over the phone. An " I love you, Dog" goes out to strangers pets being walked down the street or those seen playfully romping in the park. Yes, I adore children and love a multitude of human beings(faults and all) but there is something about dogs that bring out all the"feels" in me. 

 Below is a link to the complete tribute article.

Be in the Moment


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