Sunday, September 1, 2013

"we'll reach you if you're beyond the furthest star..."

      Light a candle, recite a poem, sing a song, say a prayer, hold a memory close to your heart.  Tuesday, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day.

 Although not all of us know what it truly feels like to lose a friend or loved one to suicide, most of us know someone who has. Not all of us will ever fully understand the overwhelming depths of depression but most of us have felt great sadness or despair. We may not know how to articulate comforting words but we must be willing to offer support, kindness and compassion. We must never be afraid or ashamed to talk openly and honestly about severe depression or suicide. With education and awareness we can learn to help ourselves and others. Millions of  people struggle with asking for help. They fear how they will appear to others. Many adults and especially teenagers believe they will be stigmatized or rejected by their families or society if they reveal their depression. They don't want their peers to think they're weak or unable to handle their own mind and emotions. Many people will end up isolated and alone or develop an unhealthy talent for pretending everything is fine. It takes tremendous courage and strength to be who you are. You are incredibly brave if you ask for help when you need it most. Equal to our love and compassion must be acceptance. Take a moment to reach out to someone who may be struggling. Listen to them. Just listen. Listen with your heart. Put yourself in their shoes. Try to feel what they are feeling. Don't  talk over them. Don't drown out their voice with your own. Don't try to define, judge or lecture. Don't try to solve, resolve or give advice.  Just listen. Listen with the fullness of your heart and soul to the powerful echoes of your shared humanity.

BEYOND THE GRAY SKY- lyrics by 311

It is a gift I know
A moment of bliss that we hold
A firecracker flash of light then on
To the next plane soul remain
Come along if you dare
It's gonna be that you're scared
Lovely life I thank you
For the reason to see the pain through

Light a candle for the dead
The wick is burning returning what we have
It's who we are
We'll reach you if you're beyond the furthest star

Don't give up the fight to stay alive and even if
you have to
Find the reason of another's pain if they lose you
If not for your self then those around who care
like I do
One day you'll see the clear blue

Beyond the Gray Sky
Light a candle...
The wick...
It's who we are...

One day you will see the clear blue
Beyond the Gray Sky

I can't believe you didn't call
What made you want to end it all
Wasn't there something I should have tried
To help you see beyond the gray sky

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