Friday, February 14, 2014

"butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high.."

"Thank you, LL Cool J, for restraining a burglar in your house and not knocking him out despite what your mama said."
― Jimmy Fallon, Thank You Notes

             Jimmy Fallon brings The Tonight Show back to New York City starting, Monday, February 17th, 11:35/10:35 central on NBC.  For the first time since 1972 when Johnny Carson captured the hearts of an entire country, The Tonight Show will be airing from the  less pretentious, energetic East Coast. Staying alive, staying awake and staying in New York City will prove to be the edge Fallon favors to keep his current devoted hipsteresque audience while attracting a fresh crop of curious late night viewers.  Fallon appeals to a young diverse crowd who are just as familiar with Alt J and Imagine Dragons as Wiz Khalifa and routinely recognize which Twitter "hashtags" # are trending.  But don't worry. He is unlikely to alienate any late show demographic. Jimmy Fallon is a handsome, puppy loving, new father and native New Yorker who happens to be an accomplished actor, singer and musician as evidenced by the late night snack above.

     Another reason audiences will look forward to Fallon is his innate ability to interact creatively with his guests, so much so, many of his skits, hilarious conversations with ever amusing announcer, Steve Higgins and his multi-talented  house band The Roots go viral immediately. Being a former Saturday Night Live cast member he  understands the importance of keeping on top of current events, hot topics, trends as well as chatting up the latest actors and artists. Jimmy Fallon's most endearing quality is his amazing talent for unique musical compositions and live off the cuff performances. On a slow news day all Jimmy Fallon will need to do is improvise a song, giggle and smile at the camera. So stay awake. All is right with late night.

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