Tuesday, March 25, 2014

“Oh, please don't go—we'll eat you up—we love you so!”

“And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!”
― Maurice Sendak,
Where the Wild Things Are

           @midnight is an American pop culture, internet-themed panel show hosted by the charismatic comedian, Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central.  @midnight posed a riotous question during their thought provoking  #HASHTAG WAR segment last evening. Highly creative and obviously literate audience members tweeted a barrage of rapid fire responses in one of the most popular worldwide trending Twitter subjects so far this year- How do you "Ruin a children's book"?  Crazy, corrupted, amusing and slightly naughty adult altered children's book titles were tweeted  with a feverish ferocity from all  over the globe. (including Turkey).  The adorable misadventures of a mischievous monkey in Hans and Margret Rey's,  Curious George -became even more titillating in the tale of a sexually confused banana hoarding,  Bi-Curious George. Prepare to have your fondest childhood memories slightly skewed as you read on:

Green Eggs and Salmonella
Green Eggs and Spam
Green Eggs and Locally Sourced Grass Fed Humane Slaughter Free Market Ham  @hasslehoford

Dead Cat in the Hat   @dimestoreninja 
The Shat in the Hat
Bi-Polar Express- (by many)

Charlotte's Web of Lies  @rumbleskillz or 
Charlotte's Webcam

The Very Horny Caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar has an Eating Disorder

Troll Cat in the Hat   @fakealanbostick

The Jungle Warfare Guide Book  @makiatoe
The Jungle Book of Mormon   @phanxjey

Horton Hires a Ho
Horton Hears Domestic Violence in the Apartment Next Door

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Rash

Harriet the NSA Spy

Winnie the Poop

Anne of Gangrene Gables @Adam Reakes

Charlie and the Methamphetamine Factory
Charlie and the Cocaine Factory

The Babysitter's Fight Club

The Lion, the Witch and the IKEA Wardrobe

Are You There, God? It's Me, Madonna
Are You There, God? It's Me, Jake from State Farm

The Boy Who Cried Wolf of Wall Street.

Where'd Waldo Touch You?  @Tycaseydoe

Oliver Nipple Twist

James and the Giant Peach Schnapps
James and the Giant Peach Shaped Tumor
James and the Giant Peen

Goodnight, Moonshine

The Secret of Nympho

The Secret Garden of Weed

Oh, the Places You'll Go When You Get in My Van  

Harry Pot Head and the Philosophers Stoned

The Wizard of 40 oz.

The Grinch That Stole My Virginity

Are You My Mother? No, You're Sober  @joshacagan

Little House in the Projects

You're a Good Man, Charlie Sheen

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