Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"When I say nothing, I say everything."

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye...until we meet again”
― Jimi Hendrix
       Raise your hand if you had to look up the word "lazaretto" in an online dictionary.  A lazaretto is a place of isolation such as a prison or military hospital used to separate those patients with infectious diseases from the healthy folks . " Lazaretto"  (Third Man/XL Recordings/Columbia), White Stripes founding father Jack White's new solo album is worth the research and exploration. Speaking of infectious, the album will invade your ear canals exploding with bountiful beats and righteous riffs. The eclectic consummate showman has assembled an artful array of kaleidoscopic tracks for your listening pleasure. "Lazaretto" opens with "Three Women," a brash and bluesy hymn that transforms into a sexy, sultry meltdown  "I got three women – red, blonde and brunette,"  and "It took a digital photograph to pick which one I like."

      With bits and pieces of lyrics scraped together from his youthful journals, short stories and  personal heartaches, White has carefully crafted eleven distinct musical mind trips.  Songs flavored with reggae, country and pure pop power will keep audiences genuinely enthused and entertained. The beautifully melodic "Alone in My Home"  and the brilliantly blazing  "That Black Bat Licorice " keeps you captivated. The innovative, daring Detroit darling, White should be voted least likely to ever be boring or mundane in the world of contemporary rock. "Lazraretto " will find devotees  hitting play again and again. 

 ... and speaking of incredible musicians, Happy Birthday to my multi-talented nephew Drew on June 13th. Love you! 

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