Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Enjoy the Silence"

"Certain songs like 'Enjoy the Silence' - to me, it always fits anywhere. There's something about that song that's really timeless, and I never get bored or feel like I have to muster something up."- Dave Gahan, vocalist, songwriter -Depeche Mode

        March 19th, 1990 was the official release date of  the now celebrated British electronic synth band, Depeche Mode's seventh and most commercially successful album, "Violator".  Named one of Rolling Stone Magazines best albums of all time, "Violator" features such tracks as"Personal Jesus", "Policy of Truth", "World In My Eyes"  and masterpiece "Enjoy the Silence".  
     Depeche Mode formed around  the year 1980 in Basildon, Essex, UK with original members Vince Clarke, Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher. Early in their career Clarke dropped out of the band  and classically trained musician Alan Wilder was added, departing in 1995. Today the core of the band remains, Gahan, Fletcher and Gore who continue to perform  for devoted eager audiences of all ages across the globe. Song- writer, singer and keyboardist, Martin Gore has a new 16 track instrumental album due out  April 27th entitled, "MG". For more info see their website

   The quality of Depeche Mode's writing and musicianship married with an illustrious stage presence has influenced countless contemporary artists such as German industrial band Rammstein, The Killers, Muse, The Deftones and Arcade Fire. Front man Win Butler, while promoting 2010's album, " The Suburbs" is quoted in Emily Smiths biography (2013), "The Depeche Mode Handbook-Everthing You Need to Know about Depeche Mode" as saying:

 " I grew up listening to bands like Depeche Mode and New Order and bands that used a lot of sequences and synth stuff"  he went on to explain, " there are songs to me on the new record that sound like Depeche Mode mixed with Neil Young." 

    Transcending their early synth pop identity while continuing to evolve musically for over 25 years is no minor accomplishment for any artist.  Depeche Mode's most recent album is 2014's "Live in Berlin"  (Columbia Records)  Check out their entire discography at


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