Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Loving the whole process."

"Before I even knew what that half of my family did, I was interested in performing. I remember being seven years old and up on a stage and loving it. I've always adored it. Not just acting, but the whole process of writing and directing movies, everything that has to do with that part of life. Maybe it's in my blood."-  actor Jack Huston, (grandson of legendary director John Huston, nephew of Angelica Huston)

             April showers us with two exciting new films based on best-selling novels, captivating characters, award winning directors, starring two of my favorite British actors.  Based on the highly successful Nicholas Sparks novel, the film adaptation of The Longest Ride opens in US theaters, April 10th. The long awaited romantic drama was directed by multi-talented writer, producer George Tillman Jr.(Faster, Men of Honor, Notorious) screenplay by Craig Bolotin with Nicholas Sparks. Featuring Scott Eastman, son of preeminent actor, director Clint Eastwood as (Luke) and Britt Robertson (Sophia) as a passionate pair of conflicted lovers, the tale transports the audience through time. The Longest Ride also stars celebrated veteran actor Alan Alda, and the gifted Jack Huston (American HustleKill Your Darlings) as Ira now and then. Rounding out the cast is the beautiful Oona Chaplin as (Ruth) and Melissa Benoist. 

      Coming to theaters April 17th is yet another highly anticipated film based on an international best-seller.  Child 44 is the brainchild of British novelist, Tom Rob Smith. The first book of a suspenseful trilogy which includes The Secret Speech and Agent 6, Child 44 follows a dishonored member of the military police investigating a series of gruesome child murders as the Stalin-era Soviet Union spirals out of control. The screenplay for Child 44,  was written by Richard Price, directed by the talented young Daniel Espinoza (Easy Money) (Safe House) and once again reunites the impressively skilled duo of Tom Hardy (Leo Demidov) and Noomi Rapace (Raisa) from 2014's The Drop. The Child 44 cast also includes brilliant French actor Vincent Cassell (Black Swan) Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) and the renowned Gary Oldman. Enjoy the clips above. Check your local theaters for times or availability near you. For more movie insights visit the following official film links:


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