Wednesday, June 17, 2015

" The greatness of a nation...."

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
   -Mahatma Gandhi

             This is not an easy subject to write about. We don't want to see photo's of tortured or mutilated animals. Being aware of  intense suffering and injustice for most people is too process. Psychologically, it's easier to deny such terrible acts occur or we try to justify torture. As an animal advocate who absolutely loves and respects dogs with all my heart, a dog meat festival where 10,000 animals are brutally murdered horrifies me. The "Yulin Dog Eating Festival" is a yearly tradition in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang which is an autonomous region of China. The summer solstice celebration follows an ancient ritual beginning June 21, 2015. Despite what we may believe in the United States regarding the Chinese festival, torturing animals is not "cultural". Rounding up hundreds of stray dogs, stuffing them into crude wire cages, stealing dogs from their families, skinning, boiling and burning them alive is not "cultural" or just "accepted" behavior among modern Chinese students and citizens. Some dogs are transported into Yulin from the countryside in unsanitary overcrowded shipment trucks increasing the likelihood the dying animals will carry contagious diseases or even rabies. Human beings consume this meat at great risk to their own health. If children are fed contaminated meat they could die. World health organizations are ready to step in as well.There are millions of Chinese citizens who are passionately protesting and trying desperately to put an end once and for all to the atrocities in Yulin. Thousands of native protesters are outraged and ashamed that this sickeningly cruel event continues to take place in contemporary Chinese society.

Please, if you are against all forms of animal torture, sign the petition from which will support a worldwide ban on Yulin's barbaric animal cruelty. WARNING: This link contains a video that is not suitable for children. Adults please use caution, Note subject matter is disturbing  .

    For many people our disbelief  that dogs can be treated with such unimaginable cruelty stems from our deep understanding and knowledge of what dogs are capable of doing for human beings. Dogs are not only trusted affectionate, loyal companions, hunters and field workers, they are keenly intelligent therapists, intuitive healers and protective guardians. Dogs are family. Premiering next Friday, June 26th look for Max in theaters near you. But this Max is far from being "Mad".  Max is a "Best Friend, Hero and a  Marine,"  Written and directed by Boaz Yakin (Now You See Me, Safe )  with Sheldon Lettich, the film revolves around the  heroic story of a military canine that assisted US Marines in Afghanistan. The dog returns Stateside to his adopted handler's family after suffering trauma. The official Max movie trailer is approved for all audiences.

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