Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Won't you come out to play..."

"The Smiths was an incredibly personal thing to me. It was like launching your own diary to music." - Steven Morrissey, current artist, musician, former singer/lyricist for The Smiths.

            The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland, Ohio announced their list of 2016      nominees earlier in October. The 15 candidates in alphabetical order:
The Cars,  Chic,  Chicago,  Cheap Trick,  Deep Purple,  Janet Jackson,  The J.B's,                 Chaka Khan, Los Lobos,  Steve Miller,  Nine Inch Nails,  N.W.A,                                                   The Smiths,  The Spinners,  Yes

        Music aficionados are still surprised that a band with such great influence, longevity and commercial success as Chicago has yet to be inducted. Still others are wondering how quickly time passes when musicians such as R&B, pop diva Janet Jackson, Cleveland's own Trent Reznor's Industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails or Indie icons, The Smiths are being nominated so soon. Learn how nominees are selected and vote for your favorite artists before December 9th at the official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website here :

        A love of music surrounds every memory of my childhood. My parents and siblings genuinely delighted in listening to their favorite bands and playing musical instruments.Tuned in and turned on, music and song lyrics constantly filled my ears, heart and soul. There isn't a composition I'll refuse to listen to at least once. We make the mistake of cutting ourselves off from different types of music because of our culture or an ego driven need to "appear" current. You will only succeed in doing the opposite. Know your music history. Listen to artists produced today, 25 years ago or even a 100 years ago if it gives you pleasure. When you have the opportunity to introduce new genres of music to people of all ages a natural love and enthusiasm immediately brings connection. Remove the limits. There is an overwhelming beauty and power which unites us behind our immersion in music, especially rock n' roll. Enjoy the discovery.


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