Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"There is no cure for curiosity."

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
- Dorothy Parker, writer, poet, activist

      In the vast and varied world of sports, arts and entertainment every one has a personal weakness. Some individuals follow college football or fantasy leagues with the feverish addiction of a Vegas casino troll while others vote more religiously on reality programming like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol than in an election primary. No judgment. Personally, I have a curious fascination with late night talk shows. Each evening is a new adventure with interesting guests, book reviews, movie trailers, music, current topics but most importantly after a long stressful day- much needed laughter. It all started in early 2000 with Comedy Centrals The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and later Stephen Colbert's multiple award winning spin off, The Colbert Report.
     My grandparents never missed their beloved Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. My father was a devoted David Letterman fan. Like most women and a few men I know my niece has an adorable infatuation with the irresistible Jimmy Fallon. The current fraternity competing for America's time and attention is The Late Show's Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien, Larry Wilmore, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers and British sensation James Corden. Although fans would love to catch every episode of their favorite program it's impossible without DVR's or Hulu. Now insomniacs and late night talk show enthusiasts can add longest running Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee's Full Frontal to their wishful watch list. Full Frontal debuts Monday, February 8th at 10:30PM ET and according to a recent press release will be simulcast across five networks including TBS, TruTV, HLN, TNT and Adult Swim.
      Samantha Bee is a Canadian American actor, producer, comedian, writer and mother of three who is married to actor, writer and former Daily Show contributor Jason Jones. In 2010 she published her first book (Gallery Books) I Know I Am, But What Are You?  Bee has appeared in episodes of Bounty Hunters, Game OnThe Electric Company and Sesame Street. In a late night league of her own, she can continue to Bee as creatively curious, fearless and distinct as she wants to Bee.

  For more up to the minute information check out the
 Full Frontal website

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