Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Losing your conscience.."

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."
- Albert Einstein

              Breathtaking, stunning, awe inspiring, majestic are just a few adjectives visitors use to describe the gorgeous magnificence of  northwest Arizona's, Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park is the United States 15th oldest and one of the most beloved national parks on the planet. Supported by native tribes, environmentalists, conservation groups and more than 80% of Arizona voters the 1.7 million acre park has been proposed a Grand Canyon National Heritage Monument   protected as federal land. As a monument the area would bring in a predicted 52 million dollars for the state and ban uranium mining in the area.  Over 80% of Arizona voters agree the Grand Canyon National Park should be protected, a permanent ban should replace the temporary ban on uranium mining and the Grand Canyon National Heritage Monument should be established. So what's the problem? Politicians are placing personal profit over the best interests of the citizens they represent. As usual all Americans and tourists from around the world will pay a price for "American greed". If the land isn't protected we are potentially destroying human, animal, plant life and some of the most beautiful lands in our country.

         Are Republican politicians listening to Arizona voters? Not in the least. Notorious billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have abused their influence with a few prominent  Arizona Republican representatives by funneling millions of dollars to a special advocacy group opposed to conservation and blocking any campaign to protect the Grand Canyon  Greg Zimmerman of the Center for Western Priorities discovered incriminating information from tax forms submitted to the IRS as well as a co-authored report by  Prosper Foundation and the Arizona Chamber Foundation revealing his findings to the Phoenix News Times earlier this week.

  For more information about protecting public lands including conservation budgets and reform contact your state officials here or check out the National Wildlife Federation website here:

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