Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Our time is NOW."


          Rising sea levels and an increase in the intensity of storms are the result of human created and some natural global warming but perhaps the most serious consequences of climate change is the greater emerging threat of deadly diseases.
      As evidenced in the CDC( Center for Disease Control) chart above the relationship between heat, water and environmental change is unprecedented. New and old diseases once thought safe are re-emerging due to melting permafrost or disease spreading insects. The link to the CDC includes access to new information from the APHA (American Public Health Association)  The video above is from a CDC- AMA (American Medical Association) webinar regarding Zika virus.
        The United States has taken measures to decrease carbon emissions, increase alternative energy sources and enact policies that reduce risk and avert future harm but more work is needed now. Contact your state elected officials to ensure legislation is passed or created for preventative protections, common sense actions and maintaining research funding moves forward quickly to safeguard our health and environment. Each individual state has its own considerations but collectively we need to push for immediate action.

   State representatives contact information can be found at



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