Sunday, September 25, 2016

"Moving forward together..."

                 What organization has gathered over 7, 000 current and aspiring world leaders from 196 countries to create real effective change? Get to know the ONE YOUNG WORLD forum. Co-founded in 2009 by humanitarian and business leaders Kate Robertson and David Jones, ONE YOUNG WORLD will hold  "The Summit 2016 Ottawa"  in Ottawa, CANADA,  SEPTEMBER 28th - OCTOBER 1st.

       ONE YOUNG WORLD,  based in the United Kingdom, gathers young women and men from countries across the globe to exchange ideas, debate, empower, connect and inspire the next generation of informed leaders. ONE YOUNG WORLD participants become local Ambassador's following a world summit initiative which takes place in designated locations each year. Those in attendance are 18-30 years old and have demonstrated leadership ability in the areas of climate change, hunger relief, global health and community service. Please check the official website for additional details or to apply for 2017.

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