Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Your story matters."

 National Suicide Prevention Week September 5th-11th


         You Rock Foundation   turns tragedy into hope with painful, inspiring and healing testimonies by professional artists who have struggled with depression or thoughts of suicide. Founded by graphic designer, mental health advocate and self-described "music addict", Joseph Penola  the nonprofit organization allows people of all ages and backgrounds to personally connect with musicians like Bert McCracken, lead singer and song writer for THE USED .  A love of music is an underlying theme for You Rock Foundation but those seeking assistance, educators, parents or the curious will find excellent,compassionate resources. Together we can end the stigma of mental illness.  #YourStoryMatters #StopSuicide on Twitter.

  For additional mental health and suicide prevention information visit :

 Mental Health America

 Crisis Text Line

 Suicide Prevention Lifeline

 Veterans Crisis Line

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