Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Beyond Thankful

“There’s nothing that makes you more insane than family. Or more happy. Or more exasperated. Or more . . . secure.” ― Jim Butcher, Publicity and Advertising
**************************************************************************************       Thanksgiving is the one holiday my family tries very hard to celebrate together. This is quite an accomplishment when we are spread out across the country. There is usually someone who is unable to attend dinner in the designated city due to work schedule, distance or previous obligations. What happens when a family member is missing for dinner? We talk openly and critically about their faults, spread rumors, gossip, speculate on their lifestyle or career choice and ridicule them mercilessly. Ha..I kid. We actually do that even when they are sitting next to us pouring gravy on our stuffing. And that folks is FAMILY.
     On the flipside, if you're fortunate to have many siblings and loved ones you'll hear recollections of childhood torment such as when one of my sisters made the other eat blades of grass, chewed the feet off her Barbie doll (that may have been me) or held her under a cardboard box while she screamed. One of us was a poop Picasso and one swooned over Donny Osmond! Or you may fondly reminisce about the time one little brother hid a popsicle down the front of his pants when he got caught by our father for being in the fridge past a certain hour. One of us had an imaginary friend named "Ron Piggy". Somehow this brother also magically transformed his "D" grades to "B"'s on his report card. Besides eating, drinking and eating some more with family and extended families we have developed a tradtion over the years. This tradition happens on the following evening or an evening after Thanksgiving.(One year we held this event on Columbus Day) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the now infamous "Bingo Night!" Oh, yes it's bingo night and the feelings right. Oh, yes it's bingo night. Oh, what a night! Oh! What a night! We eat, drink, compete and play for small prizes such as Yankee Candles, music cd's, gift cards and food. During the Columbus Day themed bingo bash we gave away a few packages of "Genoa" (CC's hometown) salami, a (brother-in-law) handcrafted a birdhouse designed like the Santa Maria ship and chocolate gold coins. It's not the game itself or even the prizes that make it creative and fun but the opportunity to be together laughing and enjoying our silly selves. We have created memories for my nieces and nephews, who may pass our goofiness onto their own children one day.

      Live, laugh, love is a delicious recipe for any Thanksgiving dinner. And because I don't cook it's the only recipe you will get from me.

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  1. Having the opportunity to spend a holiday such as this with family is something I look forward to every year. Our silly traditions will certainly be passed on, with much more elaborate Bingo prizes. :) I cannont wait to share another wonderful Thankgiving with you and the rest of our wild, crazy and loving family! :)