Monday, November 19, 2012

"Stay Classy America....."

" War is not just about bombs and rockets. It's about words."-John D. Suttter CNN

     As we try to understand the conflicts in the Middle East we trust our news sources to bring us accurate unbiased information. Now with the speed and access of social media such as Twitter we gain up to the minute, direct reports of the fear and escalating violence in that region of the world. These sources do more than just report on an event but are used to intimidate or empower. The words WE choose to use on a daily basis can either resolve or provoke an argument. Imagine if war was contained to spoken or written words rather than intensifying to physical acts of violence. After reading open forum comment posts on news stories regarding Israel and Gaza some would warn anonymous commenter's, " I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent." Here is just a sample of the gems I've read:
Here is a quote from BobM.--------- "You Arab trash are the ones that are not civilized. Your Muslim garbage religion wants to dominate the world going back to the Spartan era and Vlad the impaler.    or
"I'd tell you to read your history but I know most Arabs are illiterate."

 --------and another quote from MaryC.----- "What do you expect, they murdered Jesus. These people have no love in their hearts."

All I can say after reading this and more which proper decorum prohibits me from reprinting is WOW. Good night, America and stay classy.

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