Monday, January 28, 2013

" the best is yet to come and won't that be fine..."

“He couldn’t believe that sleep had robbed him of this spectacle night after night. Such are the writer’s privileges, he thought, nostalgic already for the present.” ― César Aira, Varamo

     A few weeks ago my sister and I were discussing the film Midnight in Paris. The movie was written and directed by the infamous Woody Allen. The plot revolves around a nostalgic screenwriter who is on a trip to Paris with his fiancé's family. Mysteriously, as he walks through Paris each evening at midnight he slips back in time to the golden age of the 1920s. He encounters the amazing composer, Cole Porter, charms Zelda Fitzgerald and ruminates with novelist Ernest Hemingway. How many of us have imagined traveling back through history to meet notable characters or relive legendary moments? Stored away in my closet, almost forgotten completely was a fifty-five page short story written for a creative writing course in my early twenties. Although alternative rock music is my first love there are many genres of music I cherish and appreciate. Frank Sinatra was "The Voice". Is it any wonder millions of women swooned? As an entertainer, Sinatra crooned with unparalleled depth and emotional sincerity. His gifted golden vocal chords are considered distinct and incomparable by many. "Ol' Blue Eyes" and his hipcat musical stylings continue to enthrall my ears, heart and soul. Soon I was given or purchased every Sinatra cd available. My cell phone ring tone for many years was " The Lady is a Tramp". (" and she won't dish the dirt with the rest of the broads...") Having admired Dean Martin from his earliest films with Jerry Lewis and being aware of Sammy Davis Jr as a consummate cool talent (add comedian Joey Bishop and handsome English-American actor Peter Lawford) I was infatuated with the Rat Pack. My story allowed me to envision singing gushy, lovey-dovey duets with Frank and impeccably performing "Candy Man" live on stage with Sammy. Renowned dancers Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron were also incorporated into my starry-eyed design. There are endless places and people I would like to travel back in time to meet and experience. Who would you like to encounter? What time in history would you visit? True, we only have the present moment but why not let the rare flicker of nostalgia ignite our imaginations.

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