Monday, February 11, 2013

"a thing of beauty is a joy for ever....."

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ― Rumi

     If you wanted to make some extra money between now and Valentine's Day, you could solicit cookie cutter Hallmark, American Greetings romantic poetry writing services to those who haven't considered a gift for their beloved. Time is running out, my dears. Remember how easy it used to be in grade school when you'd buy a box of twenty-five Strawberry Shortcake or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Valentine's cards and simply sign your name on the back? "Be Mine". Love, Me. Unfortunately, romantic poetry is not our strongest medium. Most men and women find it extremely difficult to fart out quality amorous verse. A former love wrote me a poem which included the memorable lines, "Your eyes like the ocean smack me with waves of love. You have pierced my heart like a dart." Oh, the feels. Chocolates, roses, jewelry, sensuous dinners followed but those poetic lines were always remembered. Poems as well as many love letters, pressed flowers, movie stubs and photo's have been collected in my treasure chest for pleasure, reflection and amusement. Sincerely, any person who even attempts to expose their soul to another should be respected and admired. The intent behind the words is to reach a level of intimacy and trust where you feel comfortable revealing yourself as a true passionate lover and terribly disappointing poet. Such is love. Traditionally, when we think of "romantic poetry" we believe we should emulate the greatest; Keats, Wordsworth, Byron or William Blake, " To see the world in a grain of sand. And heaven in a wild flower...". Romantic poetry is characterized by a unique empathy and understanding of life's beauty. Some of us want to express the depth of our love so intensely that we completely ignore our lack of eloquent vocabulary to do so. Every poem we write seems to be adorned with lofty, flowery replicas rather than a sincere overflowing of powerful feelings rising from the depth of our soul. Imitation is not always the sincerest form of fartery, I mean flattery. Within the song lyrics of The Smiths, Cemetery Gates, Steven Morisssey exposes us all, “If you must write prose or poems, the words you use should be your own. Don't plagiarize or take 'on loan'. There's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows, who'll trip you up and laugh when you fall.” Any person who exerts time, effort and selfless thought in writing you a truly unique love poem will live in your heart for eternity, even if the liaison does not. ('tis better to have loved and lost...) So for all the lovers and romantics out there, send your cards, write your letters, text, blog, email, your terrible verse proudly as if you were Samuel Coleridge or Mary Shelley. There is a man or woman who is waiting for your love poem or one who has always cherished YOUR words of love.

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