Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Just a place to call your own as we drift into the zone"

" On an island in the sun, we'll be playing and having fun. And it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain." - Island in the Sun, Weezer

     A text message I received this morning reminded me of the Weezer song, Island in the Sun and inspired this evenings post. The text was sent from my beautiful, hard working sister Les who desperately deserves to be swept away to an exotic escape. Any person who deals with impatient customers on a daily basis and resides in a freezing Northern climate will appreciate the thought.(and maybe this eye candy to the right) Unfortunately, the winning numbers were not on my ticket. Damn you, Powerball! When will we learn? When will we stop dreaming? Never. Hey, who needs fancy funds and practical paid holidays to travel to a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches? Apparently, no one, thanks to "Trapper". Here is an interesting audio concept that you may have discovered online or saw satirized by the Onion on video. Are you ready for your "Mind Vacation"? The researcher/promoter of the "Mind Vacation Meditation" technique is the enterprising Thomas "Trapper" Sherwood. Frustrated with booking flights or hotels? Tired of rushing to the airport or losing luggage? Who will baby-sit the kids, feed Fluffy or water the plants? Are you suffering from acute Cubicle-itis or Stickitothemaninosis? Relax. No worries. Binaural beats will cure all stress related ills. Binaural beats lower brain wave frequency and frequency of money in wallet. You can order the soothing subliminal "Mind Vacation" tracks online for only ten dollars or for half the price you can buy another Powerball ticket. Breathe. Focus. My advice? Use my 100% guaranteed FREE meditation technique; simply close your eyes, listen to Weezer and imagine....hip...hip..

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