Thursday, October 31, 2013

" Here we are now, entertain us......"

“I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
― Kurt Cobain
If I had a Hot Tub Time Machine I would travel back twenty years and be a professional musician. In the present, I would like to beat out my nephew for a chance at an internship with the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. Currently, he is a communications major and fellow music connoisseur.  He has performed in marching and concert band and plays guitar. Like his auntie he prefers alternative rock music but he is definitely open and aware of all genres. He would be the most knowledgeable, entertaining and professional rock guide on the planet. So lets take a brief journey to the shores of beautiful Lake Erie in Cleveland, OH  and examine the 2014 inductee nominations:

Nirvana- My own college memories are closely tied to the music and lyrics of Nevermind, Nirvana's most successful album. Nirvana's arrival on the scene with "Smells like Teen Spirit" added much needed zest to a world of stale and complacent pop music. Until Nirvana, my friends and I were still reminiscing with The Smiths and the Pixies because everything else was crap besides the Beastie Boys and Alice in Chains.

KISS-  Say what you will about rock gods Kiss but anyone who grew up in the 70's dressed like Gene Simmons or Peter Criss for Halloween. You can't stop yourself from shouting the anthem, "I want to rock n' roll all night and party every day!"  My parents thought it was perfectly acceptable for their second grader to dress up as Paul Stanley, starry-eyed and all.

The Replacements-  Considered pioneers of alternative rock, Paul Westerburg and The Replacements have influenced hundreds of "indie" musicians including Gaslight Anthem.

YES- Believe it or not the English rock band Yes has been assembled in one form or another since 1969. They are known for elaborate symphonic compositions and a brilliant stage presence. Yes is a band that not everyone recognizes right away but we've all heard their music. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was one of their more commercially successful hits but listen to their earlier material such as  "Round About".
Other inductee nominations include the well known and loved Hall and Oates, rapper turned actor LL Cool J and hip-hop legends N.W.A.

For the complete list of nominees visit the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame website or if you see my handsome nephew Andrew he will happily answer any of your music related questions.

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