Friday, February 21, 2014

“Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up”

“  Dr. Claire Lewicki:  Tell me what you love so much about racing?
   Cole Trickle:   Speed. To be able to control it. To know that I can control something that's out of control."
                                                                             -Days of Thunder
      A surprising but true statistic about professional motor sports is that 80% of people who say they don't like racing have never even attended a LIVE race. Those who have an undying love for racing of any kind will tell you it's not only intense competition, its the entire physical and emotional package. What makes people want to go fast? Why do some of us feel the need for speed? Is speed or risk the real attraction for professional athletes?  Race car drivers undoubtedly experience an "adrenaline rush" while performing but professional motor sport athletes are ten times more likely than the average individual to be curious risk takers.
      Understandably,  the first time any of us try something new we may feel nervous and scared. Feeling a small amount of fear is actually healthy and essential for our own survival. There is good fear, keeping us alert and alive in dangerous situations and then there is crippling fear which causes us to remain frozen in our comfort zones. Eventually, facing and overcoming our fear builds a great sense of self-confidence. We feel stronger and more motivated. But for a few, biological factors cause a handful of human beings to constantly crave living on the razors edge. Being addicted to extremes, whether its a lifestyle of dangerous thrills or sports related risks is all about being an adrenaline junkie rather than a true competitor.

     If you want to increase your heart rate this weekend check out the Daytona 500- "The Great American Race" with Grand Marshall, Captain America- Chris Evans.
     The Sprint Cup Series race begins at 1:00pm EST on Sunday, February 23rd in Daytona, Florida.

      One family member who has been watching the Daytona 500 events unfold this week is my niece, Brianne Masirovits who is an aspiring sports public relations assistant. Currently, Bri is managing PR in retail. Her dream is to work as a public relations specialist in the field of professional  motor sports. As a recent college graduate with a degree in Communications,  Bri is truly a knowledgeable racing enthusiast and social media expert whose sincere passion draws others into loving the sport. Nothing would make me happier than to see her dreams come true. As she whole-heatedly proclaims of racing, "It's the best thing on the planet!"  See? No fear.


GO 99!  
Congrats 88!

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