Wednesday, October 19, 2016

" Clear and present danger."

       More than likely every media outlet and newspaper at home and abroad will recount dangerous
statements made by Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump during the third and final debate live from Las Vegas, Nevada, Wednesday night.  (Refer to the (AP )Associated Press video above.)
      Why should Trump's comments alarm and horrify all Americans?  Trump defiantly implying he would not accept the results of an American election if he loses November 8th is rejecting the peaceful transition of power which has been a pinnacle of our democracy for over 200 years. Trump has repeatedly complained that the general election "system is rigged" against him often citing the "liberal "media or voter fraud in polling places across the country. It is imperative that Democrats, Republicans and Independents come together to stand against toxic rhetoric eroding our democratic processes. It will now be the absolute responsibility of the GOP to reaffirm for every US citizen that we are a country based on laws accepting the results of free and fair elections. The current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Mitch Mc Conelle and all Republican representatives who supported and endorsed Trump must be held accountable for the divisive words and actions of a candidate who is a blatantly unqualified  conspiracy theorist seeking to undermine American institutions at every opportunity. The legitimacy of our elections is a crowning symbol of American democracy for the world. Trump is a disgrace to educated people.

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