Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Dreamers and storytellers, and innovators and visionaries."


               President Barack Obama eloquently stated in the above quote "the arts and humanities, in many ways, are reflective of our national soul."  The history of America is one of "dreamers, storytellers, and innovators and visionaries".  We are a country of creative poets, musicians, film makers, dancers, painters, writers, photographers and although much of our expression is a reflection of our own unique perception we can choose to reveal truth and beauty in the world rather than unleashing hatred and ugliness. When we use our imaginations and feed our minds with creativity we nourish our humanity. Our self-expression through the arts empowers all of us to form our strongest bonds and tear down the most forbidding walls.

         The National Endowment for the Arts or NEA  opens doors and breaks down barriers in American communities with opportunities to participate in a variety of arts programs. Please check the website for grants information, research and publications.

  2016 marks the 50th Anniversary of the NEA.  Read President Obama's official declaration of October as National Arts and Humanities Month-

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